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The Phantom of the Opera is based on Gaston Leroux’s 1910 horror novel. This story has been adapted in countless films. The story’s main character is a deformed composer who terrorizes the Paris Opera House. The phantom lives in an undergrown cavern that shelters him from the outside world. The phantom tutors Christine, a young soprano, and composes operas for her. As Christine’s dream of stardom takes shape, a handsome suitor comes in to sweep her off her feet. This causes the phantom to become jealous and get mad. As his anger continues to grow, the phantom begins terrorizing the opera house. Even with his terrorizing, Christine is still drawn to the phantom. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running play ever to grace the stages of Broadway.

Reviews from Critics

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score for this beautiful and romantic play remains one of the best scores written in the past 20 years. The Phantom of the Opera is still spectacular and fresh. It is timeless and continues to astound theater attendees.

Phantom of the Opera provides theater-goers with amazing talent, beautifully written scores and an emotional punch. This blockbuster is one of the best plays ever to hit Broadway. Harold Prince’s amazing staging and Maria Bjornson’s gothic designs ensure that attendees will be amazed at the professionalism and theater set.

What is The Phantom of the Opera Like?

The Phantom of the Opera is both scary and romantic. It offers a thrilling night of the theater and includes Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score, the “Music of the Night.” This song sets the mood for the evening and your will find yourself enjoying the grand sets, the gorgeous period costumes, and the amazing chandelier. Although the chandelier falls slower than expected, it is still thrilling.

Is the Phantom of the Opera Suitable for Children?

The romance and opera may not be enjoyed by the younger generation. Couple that with the frightening appearance of the phantom, a dead corpse falling from a noose, the disfigured face of the phantom and ballerinas who shriek for their lives can cause young kids to bury their faces into your side. However, other children will find the Phantom of the Opera the coolest show on Broadway.

The Phantom of the Opera is ageless. This musical is still one of the best musicals ever on Broadway. The music rifting through the night and the chandelier falling is some of the highlights of this wonderful musical. Find cheap Phantom Of The Opera Tickets – Don’t Miss Phantom’s 2016-2017 US Tour.

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most beloved plays ever produced. The production of this play will cause even the most critical attendees to fall in love with this musical. The scenery and settings are extravagant and the music is timeless in this exciting romantic horror play.

At the moment this musical is on Tour in North America. This show is getting highest ranking by the critics. This year Phantom show has a new scenic design, which was created by the world well-known award-winning Paul Brown. Buy Phantom of the Opera Tickets Before They’re Gone.

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